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Jinn is a platform with all the tools you need to decide what is the best for your career. Whether you want to recruit talents, are looking for a job or a course, or just information about an occupation, Jinn provides all these services to help you reach your career objectives.

Our services for candidates


Everything you need to build your professional network and stay ahead of the competition.

Job board

Apply for jobs by categories or skills, save your resume and create personalized job search alerts.

Online courses

Earn certificates by completing courses, and get new skills or improve others. You can even create your own course and sell it!

Career advice

Access our career database about occupations, skills, and many more items to better decide your future.

A career advisor with you, at all times

Our career database has its content from ESCO, but our users can conribute to it bu adding or modifying articles. With up-to-date information such as occupations, skills, companies reviews or teaching offers from universities and schools. Jinn can cross-check the information in your resume and profile with its database to suggest the best option to move your career forward, be it a job or a course to improve some skills.

Make the most of your communities to become better

Create or join groups of interest, and share your opinions. Stay in contact with them in public or in private.

Build your own course with certificates to become a recognized expert in your field. You can choose to sell your courses for the cost you want.

Build your network to know before everybody about new potential career opportunities. You can follow other members, send and receive private messages, and receive any update from your network in your email.

Jinn for employers

Affordable and efficient recruiting, for all employers

Job Posting

Post a job on Jinn, and access the resume database to screen potential candidates, all for free

Candidates Vetting

With Jinn, schools and companies can tag their current and former employees and their experience. You can then screen candidates more easily, and recruit those who have been verified

Selection Tests

If necessary, you can easily create recruitment tests for your job postings on Jinn. You decide the success criteria, and have an extra tool to better recruit for free

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Our objective is to propose affordable tools to boost careers to as many people as possible. Therefore, access for candidates is entirely free, apart from paid courses, as the price is set by the course author. Employers will have to pay a small fee to advertize on Jinn in the future, but for now it is free. We do plan a monthly subscription to our career advisor, once it will have enough data to suggest relevant tips.

Any user of Jinn can create a course and sell it for free. However, we strongly suggest you to create a course in an area that you already mastered. After all, people want to pay only for expertise. As for selling it, you decide the cost, we just take a 20% commission on the total cost to cover our operating expenses.

The most ambitious projects always need some time to be achieved, but it is when everybody is pulling in the same direction that you get the best results. With time, we want this database to be filled with information from the field, meaning more adapted to the specifities of every market. Thus, we can develop a career advisor suitable for ALL countries.

Developing a website was the cheapest solution to test our concept. If we see there is a market, we will of course develop an application. We are aware that nowadays, most of people connect to the Internet with a smartphone. But developing an application is very expensive. As a startup with scarce resources, we need to be cautious for such moves.

You can submit information about career in general in the ‘Career Management’ section of the site. You can also send any suggestion to this address:





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